Nothing like getting up at five in the morning to go to work for an hour and a half. That was lots of fun. But the really fun part was getting back on the c-train and going up to the University for my nine am class. Which I proceeded to sleep through. You can tell the train is full of University students when you overhear discussions about orbitals and marks.

The non-linear circuits professor passed out candy today. Some people took six or so. I sat at the back and ended up with the box, which had about twenty pieces left in it. I was tempted. He said that there was no tutorial tomorrow, so I can sleep in a bit. That, and the candy, is his treat for Halloween.

This girl was writing email on a terminal behind me. We have good keyboards in this lab, with good, firm, loud clicking noises. She was making a lot of noise. She was very fast. I wish I was that fast.