Mmmm, nothing like leftover Chinese food for a midnight snack. It's been over a week since my last node. That's only because I got tired of doing short, inane little writeups, because I don't have time to do anything which requires a lot of thought, and nothing eventful has happened, and hence, no day logs. Plus, no urge to write.

Lot's of midterms, assignments, and labs last week. More next week. Was down at my parents place, and my niece was there, busy being cute. She's got this coughing thing going, but it's not a real cough, it's as if she imitating someone, probably my Dad. But it's really cute. Her Mom was feeding her cereal, and at one point she grabbed the spoon, and slashed the cereal all over her Mom. I have pictures of that one.

Recent events have me thinking about the nature of Love again. This is a bad thing. I can't really come to any definite conclusions about what this phenomenon is, but it seems to be different for everybody, and you just know when it is, according to popular culture. Thinking about this stuff makes me really sad for no good reason, it just ends up that way. I was doing pretty good there for awhile, reasonably happy with my relationship and life in general, but ask to many questions, and watch out...

I finally got around to installing Slackware 7.1 on my laptop. Ah, so much nicer than Windows. I also installed a fresh copy of NT4 in a smaller partition at the same time, and it's a total dog. I just increased the usefulness of my laptop by approximatly 300%.