Well, another day. Today was interesting in a couple of ways. The first was when I was sitting in front of the big bay windows in my parents house, with the cat resting on my lap. I was on the floor, with my back to the window, looking into the room. I suddenly has a vision of a bullet coming through the back of my head from outside and splashing my brains all over the room. This slightly unnerved me, and after a few minutes, I felt I absolutely had to get up and move away from the window, so as not to be seen from the outside.

I went out, and later returned, and I wanted to work on my parents computer, which is near those big bay windows. Since it was still sunny out at the time, the drapes were still open. I still felt uneasy about the windows, and had to close the drapes to work on the computer in relative comfort. I think this is the first time I ever felt that kind of paranoia. It is sort of scary.

I know logically that there is no one out to get me... well I can think of one candidate, but I don't think he's the assassin type. I feel sort of ashamed of myself for succumbing to my paranoia.

Today was also the day that I went and visited my second cousin, who I haven't seen since Thanksgiving (at least, I think he's my second cousin; my Dad is his Dad's cousin). When we arrived at his parents place, he was putting a D4 Cat back together after having painted it for his Dad. I helped a bit to put the blade back on and some other bits and pieces, and then we went and ate blueberry (no saskatoons for may a season) muffins and drank tea with the rest of the family that was there.

Well, other than my heightening neurosis and ever fluctuating levels of depression and happiness, I'm proud to announce some goals for the summer (in no particular order):

  • Learn sockets programming
  • Become proficient in Python
  • Read Lord of the Rings
  • Get Python to play nice with Apache
  • Learn to use multiple processes and threads properly
  • Learn a lot of linux kernel stuff in preparation for my 4th year design project
  • Go hiking every weekend
  • Cycle to work every day
  • Ask for a raise

So, there is much to be done!