This apartment building has been a cacophony of noise this evening. It's got my nerves a bit frayed.

The curse of apartment 203. This apartment has had a series of people through it, many of which have been evicted. Some have just not stayed long. I've lived here for about four years, and in that time there have been at least four or five people through that apartment.

A smoke detector in 203. They got it figured out and got it shut off. Then there was a burglar alarm or something going off downstairs. That went for a bit, and then got shut off. Smoke detector in 203 again, probably for fifteen minutes or more. I thought they'd eventually get it figured out. Somebody banged on their door, but didn't get a response... Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I wandered into my kitchen and was alarmed to smell smoke. I went out into the hallway and one of the other tenets was going to see if there was smoke coming out of the windows and said she would call the landlord. I'm getting worried now, but I don't do anything.

Landlord shows up and goes into 203. Smoke billows out and sets off the building's fire alarm. That's a loud fire alarm. So I paced and put on my sweater and boots, and wonder if I'll be able to take my computer out when I go.... there's a lot of stuff on it. I go out into the hall and the landlord comes out of 203, so I ask him if he's got it under control, and he says yes. The fire alarm and the smoke detectors all get shut off but now the place smells like smoke.

The landlord is pissed of course. I think these people just moved in today. The previous tenet had most of his stuff out on Friday, and was seen a bit Saturday morning. That's the way to make a good impression; try to burn the building down. I can't believe he slept through the smoke detector for so long.

fuck. I need to take a walk. I need a good stiff drink. Yes, I would like a drink.