Ah, another Bermuda shorts day has come. Bermuda shorts day, or BSD as it is affectionately known, is the end of year celebration that occurs on the last day of classes at the University of Calgary. Legend has it that BSD began back in the '60's when our young University was in it's infancy. On the second last day of classes, some one wrote "Wear Bermuda shorts tomorrow" on a chalkboard in the Student's Center, and it's since become the biggest party of the year.

BSD celebrations generally include a big beer gardens on the south lawn of Mac Hall, and many other smaller parties all over campus. Students aren't supposed to bring alcohol to campus, but of course everyone does anyway. Red shirts (riot squad personal) are in abundance, campus security is on high alert, and the city police has cops on campus and at checkstops around campus.

Bars all over the city also have BSD bashes, with student prices and the works. For some bars, it is almost the biggest event of the year.

Much fun is generally had by all, except by those who actually have to go to classes for one last test or whatever. I would be one of those people. :(