I was thinking about this today, and have thought about it on other occasions, but it seems as if I don't think for my own. I'm so used to joking around and not being serious, I've found that nobody takes me serious. I've also noticed that the majority of what I believe in has come from some other source. A lot of what I feel on certain issues is not original at all. The only exception might be in the political realm, where it seems as though I am very radical.

At one time I thought of myself as a very original person, but now I'm not so sure. Things may, however, be looking up because of what I'm writing. This idea seems pretty original but how am I to know for sure? Sometimes it seems like I soar in a lot of what I read or watch and derive some kind of view that is essentially the same as what I just saw. Is society making it tougher and tougher nowadays to be original? This is a scary thought and it probably isn't my own.