My views on Nuclear Arms

As America and the rest of the world sign new agreements that limit their own nuclear capabilities, terrorists and small countries have increasing access to them. Can I ask you, are we moving forward or are we moving ourselves backwards while others pull ahead? Why do we need to set back our own research on these weapons because other nations deem them a threat? These nations SHOULD feel threatened.

The cold war proved that not even the next strongest country in the world could keep up with the United States. The Soviet Union's flimsy and unpredictable communist government crumbled when it tried to compete with an impregnable American military. If we downgrade our military arsenal of nuclear weapons, we leave ourselves open to attacks from all kinds of countries. This limiting of our nuclear arms has inhibited research on new types of long-range ballistic missiles.

Nuclear weaponry is a must in not only defending our country, but also taking our world back to where we started. The need for a thermonuclear holocaust is very evident. The world needs to be cleansed of its ungrateful scum that we call humans and what a way to do it than with the raining down of Nuclear Weapons. The life of a wasteland warrior would be much more simple than that of your average American. The only concern of a survivor would be that of knowing if the person or mutant next to them wants to shoot them for their pretty gold necklace.

The day that America had its own Communist party was the day that the American people should have stood up and said, scale up nuclear arms and make this cold war hot. I think that if people knew what it would be like to roam the wastelands after humanity had been wiped out, that more people would be taking this view on nuclear weapons. The people of today are too soft. This kind of nuclear war would be just what the doctor ordered.

While most of the worldly population would be destroyed in the blast and many others would be killed off by the radiation, the real survivors and tough people would rise out of the destruction to reign over the world, as it should be ruled. For these reasons, we need to believe in our atom splitting and believe in our military. For, without a military we would not have our atom bombs.