Ah, a cool rainy night in Ohio...Night before prom and nothing to do...but is there?

Message from Troyer: Coming over with the Porsche

Excitement written all over my face as I too have a fine automobile resting in the driveway. An 84 Cadillac Deville. A superb masterpiece of fine American ingenuity. It purrs like a kitten and rides as if on ice.

Noise in the driveway...76 Porsche enters the scene

The night is dark and cold. Rain sweeps across the road as adrenaline takes over. What a thrill; every time I try to strike up a conversation with Adam, gas enters the engine with unprecedented speed.

I can't focus...

The trees become blurs

Before long the engine is silent and exit the vehicle we do...

I introduce Adam to the Caddy

Immediate approval

After the Porsche ride...it's hard to get used to riding in a Yacht. So much space...so many luxuries.

The engine gurgles, indicating a thirst for gasoline. I am all to happy oblige. Clark becomes an oasis as the white-walled tires carry in the monster car.

All too soon we are back on the road. Cruising and bruising our way home, the CB blurts out sounds of cursing truck drivers. We try to communicate, but static is our only friend.

Then we are back in the driveway.

Is this something that Adam or Jason or I will remember in future years? Probably not, but tonight it acts as a savior to our dull lives. Looking back on 18 years of life, I wonder if any one moment is better than another. Alas, I have no answer. Sleep is beckoning and I follow, for I am too weak to resist.