My high school football coach by far had the most effect on my life at H.S. He was my computer applications teacher, coach and mentor. He helped me in more ways that I can remember. He constantly helped me in my weight lifting and quickness. We talked about football every chance we could. Even in class, we were always trying to find ways to get better. Coach was always concerned with my lifting progress and attendance in the gym. After my freshman year, he realized how dedicated I was and expected me to be in the weight room four to five times a week. We got along great on the practice field and on Friday nights too.
We both took it to another level between my junior year and my freshman year of college. Every day of the year was football season. We were always preparing. It was constant preparation for something, whether it was for our first game against our biggest rival, or for the next step of football on the college level. He always had an interest in my career, and continues to have an interest in all that I do now. I could always talk to him about anything, whether it was the dirtiest joke, or something of a personal nature. I believe that after four years of H.S. football together, we will continue to be friends for the rest of our lives.