work: Just had the weirdest day at work. So I'm working late and my team leader and the guy I don't like get into an argument. I'm just trying to get some shit done and the guy I don't like comes up to me and tells me my team leader just said "then why don't you resign". I'm thinking "fuck ya", but instead I just shrug my shoulders and go back to work.

fastforward 30 minutes: I'm just about done with the stuff holding me late, I'm just wanting to get out of the joint because they have been basically yelling at each other the entire time. The guy I don't like comes up to me and starts telling me what has been "going down" all i do is shrug and say "I don't know what to say". What I want to say is "maybe you should consider resigning."

Basically I've had problems with this guy since he started and I've considered saying something to my team leader for a while. (it's only been a couple months) I was just starting to calm down and be cool with this guy, but tomorrow I'm telling my team leader I'm with him, "this guy sux, give me a raise". :)