Liverpool band who draw on their large Velvet Underground fetish (even ripping wholesale the bassline from European Son during the fabulously-titled "IPC Sub-editors Dictate our Youth") coupled with a great fixation with drums (all their single sleeves featured them). The result ranges from a kind of beat-heavy drone-pop to wired garage-punk. Their first three singles were issued on their own Aladdin's Cave of Golf label before signing to Domino where the hard-to-find singles were reissued as a mini-album. More recently, an album was issued by Domino, of which one of the singles, The Second Line, was (unfortunately) used in an Evil's (anag.) jeans commercial

  • IPC Sub-editors Dictate Our Youth (7" single, Aladdin's Cave of Golf, 1997)

  • Monkey On Your Back (7" single, Aladdin's Cave of Golf, 1998)

  • Cement Mixer (7" single, Aladdin's Cave of Golf, 1998)

  • Clinic (mini-LP, Domino, 1999)

  • The Second Line (single, Domino, 1999)

  • Internal Wrangler (LP, Domino, 2000)

  • Distortions (single, Domino, 2000)

  • The Second Line (reissued single, Domino, 2000)

Oh, and we watched them instead of Limp Bizkit at Leeds. We didn't regret a thing.