Return to absorption (idea)

In relation to [immigration]: accomodation to life as a citizen in the state to the point where you no longer need the state's special assistance.

In [Israel], jew immigrants who perform an [Aliya] (employing their law-given [Right of Return]) are eligible for certain state-given assistance:

  • "[Absorption basket]" -- a monetary grant; only to immigrants from countries in bad economic condition (such as [former USSR] countries).
  • [Welfare]
  • Waiving of customs (limited)
  • Learning [Hebrew] in an [Ulpan]
  • Residence assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Private enterprise assistance
  • [Higher education] grant
  • Assistance to soldiers
All those exist to help the newcomer, who often comes to the country with little possessions and money, to acclimate. Not many other countries would go that far for immigrants, but Israel has to, to keep up with its [Israel's declaration of independence|primary purpose as a national home for Jews].

Eventually the grants run out and by then the immigrant should be absorbed into the country; if not becoming a native then at least not being "rejected" by the country. Being absorbed in the state's terms means earning your living; by the society's terms - not being alien and fitting in. The [Ghetto] dwellers are in the middle between those two definitions.


  • - Israeli [Ministry of Immigrant Absorption]