The episodes to the first and second Tenchi Muyo OAV series are:

  • OAV Series 1:
    • Episode 1: "Ryoko Resurrected"
    • Episode 2: "Here Comes Aeka"
    • Episode 3: "Hello Ryo-oh-ki"
    • Episode 4: "Mihoshi Falls to the Land of the Stars"
    • Episode 5: "Kagato Attacks!"
    • Episode 6: "We Need Tenchi"
  • OAV Special:
    • Episode 7: "Special: The Night Before the Carnival"
  • OAV Series 2:
    • Episode 8: "Hello Baby"
    • Episode 9: "Sasami and Tsunami"
    • Episode 10: "I Love Tenchi"
    • Episode 11: "The Advent of the Goddess"
    • Episode 12: "Zero Ryoko"
    • Episode 13: "Here Comes Jurai"

Following Episode 13, there are a series of still images and a voice track that tell some things that happen following the last episode. There is also a "Mihoshi Special" that isn't on the Tenchi Muyo OAV DVD, and (depending on who you talk to) comes on the fourth tape, or after the stills following Episode 13.

Translations of these titles into english vary.