Sandy spent most of the day worried about the balance in the cash drawer.

“Say, you’re fifty dollars short.”
“Yeah, well, that’s because the spare change drawer owes me fifty.”
“Oh, right, right. Nevermind”

She mentioned it a few times, and usually does each day. But why is she worried? Is it because she knows she’s untrustworthy?

This is a prime example of how untrustworthy people gives themselves away to the honest. The beauty of it is that only the honest know about it. Ha ha!

This is but one more example of why honesty is the only policy.

By developing a habit of honesty (which, of course, the untrustworthy never bothered to do) you can also develop a habit of being honest with your own memories and thoughts, bringing a greater understanding of your own motives and mechanisms. Greater self understanding also leads to a better understanding of others. This effect magnifies with time. The habitually honest can relate to how powerful this effect can be over the years.

Knowing that people have their own individual perspectives, and learning to use communication to test, integrate and synthesize them, makes objective reality easy to comprehend. You might not always see it as clearly as you like, but if you are honest about your ignorance, there is no limit to what you can understand.

Despite the hypocrisies of the “there is no truth” crowd, who use their erroneous assumption to justify violence, I know that there is a comprehensible objective truth.

Again, the untrustworthy have little or no idea about this. Not only do they not realize that you can read them a mile away, they can hardly read themselves. More than that, they think its impossible for anyone to read anything, let alone you.

Intellectual honesty is the only workable philosophical position. A denial of reality (to others or to yourself) is a contradiction of your own nature. Philosophical positions based on ignorance and a lack of predictable results are called ‘lunacy’, or ‘dead’, but not ‘thinking’, or say, ‘human.’ Animals eat each other. Humans learn and formulate and design and teach. Dishonest teaching doesn’t even mean anything.

So, I figure two basic types of people are reading this. The honest ones are saying; “I’ve seen the effect, maybe you’re just hung up on it.” The dishonest ones are saying. “Yeah, dude. Sure. Whatever.”

To me, that is the most hilarious irony.