You see it on the hands of kids in D.C., in New York, in California. You'll even see it here in PA--what does it mean?

Straight Edge

I'm not a fan of straight edge, just as I'm not a fan of organized religion. It's the anti-hippie stance, born from the Washington, D.C. hardcore punk scene:

No drinking
No smoking
No drugs (except for medication)
No sex (usually premarital)*
No meat (this is more an individual thing)
Be politically/socially active

I couldn't be straight edge, even though I like Minor Threat/Fugazi:
I like drinking
I like smoking (though I quit)
I like drugs (though I quit)
I like sex (um, I refuse to comment on the ground that it may incriminate me)
I like meat

(I am, however, politically active.)

You should throw all these things out if you want to be considered straight edge. However, I find it to be as restrictive as any religion. Why? Prescribing my behavior tends to annoy me. Punk's not supposed to make me feel guilty--that's why I'm not a Christian.

*Zeolite has informed me that sex is ok, but not promiscuous sex. To which I answer, OK, but who defines promiscuous?