A Hightly Suggestive Write-Up is coming:

With all the skills and knowledge acquired along the way, she obtained an enviable degree from a prominent college, and landed a steady job in a promising firm. A few months into the job, she started asking herself: Now What? It seems that her life is set for her, for she has no worries about making a living. But there's something missing: there are no more goals. No new things to experience, no exciting people to meet, no passion to follow. And it seems that life can be this way for the rest of her living years.

Gee, I've heard of jaded, but this is ridiculous!

I'm 22. I just graduated college. I'm going for my masters. No big surprise. But the last thing I feel is that there's nothing else to shoot for, no goals in life. What about traveling? I've never been to Paris, never been to Vienna, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, San Francisco.

What about children? I'd like to have at least one--adopted or homegrown. What about relationships?

How can there be no exciting people to meet? Get involved! Exploit your talents and meet people with like interests!

I still want to write the Great American Novel, write a Pulitzer Prize-winning play, write a damned rock-opera about Joan of Arc.

A post-graduation crisis is the domain of the uncreative and uninteresting. If you're that stuck at that young age, if you really don't see what you can still do with your life, then maybe you deserve to be in that situation.