I am an unrepentant bibliophile--from reading, to the style and texture of a certain edition, to the illustrations, to the sheer strangeness of a certain title, my room is crammed full of books, and it's gotten to the point that I've started taking over my parent's basement.

stand/alone/bitch's node is great for New York; so I'm going to do the same for Philadelphia, as that's where I'm from.

  • The Book Trader: 5th and South Street. Two floors of used books; some hard to find, always some common ones. Plus the black cat is friendly enough.
  • Robin's Books: 13th and Walnut Street (or so). Carries new books, and is an independent.
  • The Bard's Shop: more of an Irish-everything store, it carries books in Gaelic.
  • Gene's Books: no longer in existence, but they were the best independent book store in the Delaware Valley; plus I worked there until I got fired.
  • Chester County Book and Music Company: largest independent in the Delaware Valley, in West Chester, at the junction of 202 and Paoli Pike.

This is just a small sampling I will add to at a later date. See? You needen't go to Buns&Nubile or Hoarders.