Three Men who performed the Three Unfortunate Assassinations:
  • Gall son of Dysgyfdawd who slew the Two Birds of Gwenddolau. And they had a yoke of gold on them. Two corpses of the Cymry they ate for their dinner, and two for their supper;
  • And Ysgafnell son of Dysgyfdawd, who slew Edelfled king of Lloegr;
  • And Diffydell son of Dysgyfdawd who slew Gwrgi Garwlwyd ('Rough Grey'). That Gwrgi used to make a corpse of one of the Cymry every day, and two on each Saturday so as not to slay on a Sunday.

Gwenddolau is the pagan king who went against Maelgwn in the Battle of Arthuret; he was Myrddin's lord, and his death drove the bard insane.

Whether the Gwrgi here is the same as the brother of Peredur is not known.

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