Three Fair Princes of the Island of Britain:
  • Owain son of Urien,
  • Rhun son of Maelgwn,
  • Rhufawn the Radiant son of Dewarth Wledig.

Owain is of course Owein ap Urien, who in Romance becomes Sir Yvaine. He was a historical leader of the British resistance against the Saxons, and friend and patron to the historical Taliesin, who composed a marwnad ("elegy") in his honor.

Rhun ap Maelgwn is the same Rhun who had Elphin thrown in jail for saying his wife was more beautiful than Rhun's. This prompted a 13 year old Taliesin to come to Maelgwn Gwynedd's court to petition for Elphin's release. The rest can be read under Taliesin, from the Hanes Taliesin

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