OK--the continuing saga of Alias Mother Jonez, and her pathetic life...

So anyway, I ran into my old acting professor (yes, Rancid_Pickle, that one) as I was leaving school yesterday. Of course, the height of the crush is passed, since I found out he was gay, but still there is that weird lingering desire for--what? for what? acknowledgement? approval? I'm not sure what.

Well, he told me that they were putting the spring musical on hold; originally, the school was going to put on Assassins, but in light of what's happened recently, he decided that people wouldn't react too well to a show where a guy talks about crashing a plane into the White House. Understandable. But here's the thing--he asked if I was going to audition for any of the schools shows, basically indicating, "Hey, go audition!"

Needless to say (I'll say anyway), I will.