Disclaimer--I am no longer a Catholic. I am an Agnostic.

This w/u was originally a response to a troll named LogiKing; however, I shall make it a general response to misinformation about the Roman Catholic Church:

"It's all about the money when it comes to any organized religion these days."
Perhaps--but as they say, your radical ideas about religion... etc. In truth, religion cannot be simply made about money; now, the intersection of religion and capitalism may do so (see the P2 scandal), but overall, it is more about salvation.

"But we all know that Catholicism takes the cake.
You've obviously never dealt with an Evangelical Christian or televangelist.

"The Lord sacrificed his own life for you, the least you could do is sacrifice 2/3 of your weekly pay for him." Is this too much to ask? YES!... Hello, people do have bills. Even if we didn't have bills, why should we give money to an organization that is exempt from taxes anyway. Hey, if you people want to throw away your hard earned bucks on a Spiritual Bank Account go right ahead.
Catholics don't even tithe (give 10%), much less give 66% of their income. I don't know where you're getting this information from, but it is highly mistaken. Anyway, my parish always made their money through bingo and beef&beers.

Who the fuck is the pope?
Spiritual leader of the terrestrial and temporal Roman Catholic Faith. God's representative on earth, who is infallible only if speaking ex cathedra on matters of dogma--not doctrine. He is the bishop of Rome.

Why is he necessary?
That's what Martin Luther asked. That's what most people ask. Catholics deem him necessary as a leader, like the Dali Lama or an Archdruid.

Why is his translation of holy scripture any more valuable than ours?
His interpretation is taken as more valid because of his authority. He has yet to translate it. At any rate, it's a matter of tradition--reject it and be a Protestant. No big deal.

There is not even mention of a pope in the Bible.
Depends on whether you accept St. Peter as the first pope. If--as tradition and possibly history does--you do, then yes, the pope is mentioned.