As of right now, I don't believe the plane crash in New York is a terrorist action, though a certain amount of paranoia is understandable. However, as we heard the news at work, we huddled around the one computer we have that is hooked up to the internet, trying to get any information we can.

I have two jobs; one is a part-time job in a bookstore, where I work on the weekends. The second is a graduate assistantship, where I tutor students in the university library for twenty hours a week. We (the tutors) have a small lounge with a computer, where we can access the internet. Unable to get an American station, I turned the RealPlayer to the BBC in order to find out what was happening in Queens. I had this sudden vision of people huddled around their radios in 1940, Londoners during the Blitzkrieg, trying to get any information they could from the BBC.

I wait. I wait, and huddle around the 21st century radio.