It's raining again.

It seems to rain all the time. People are starting to complain that they dont' remember what the sun looks like. We're winding up the worst winter in more than 23 years (i.e., the worst winter since I was born, and then some). It has snowed just about every week. And we're not talking about an inch or two. We're talking about 6+ inches every week. This is highly unusual for the Delware Valley. This isn't Buffalo, it's Philadelphia. Almost every day is gray. The sun doesn't shine. It rains, it snows, or it just stays gray.

I don't mind, though. Who loves the sun? Not me. Not now. I wouldn't care if it never shines. Because these days, I can't stand the light. I can't stand seeing people happy, laying out under the sun, smiling. I can't stand being blinded.

Eco wants me to try and find something that'll make me happy, and just do it. Something simple, something that doesn't take much, but will make me happy. But that's difficult to do. I dont' know what makes me happy. I know of things that I'm compelled to do--write, listen to music, act--but they aren't necessarily something I do for pleasure. Not anymore.

I'd like to find something I'd enjoy. I'm having trouble finding it. Everything I do seems to fall apart.