Tlachtga Gets Friendly
How I Met My First Noder

So last night I met my first noder, the very gracious (and exhausted) wunderhorn1. He lives over in University City, and I live just west of there, so we figured, why the hell not? That and the fact that we've been msging back and forth, and it just seemed natural.

So I came over, hung out, drank a beer, played guitar, listened to music. The funny thing was that, despite my nervous awkwardness, it seemed like the perfectly natural thing to do with friends, a perfectly natural way to hang out. :)

Unfortunately, I was a little obnoxious, keeping him up till 2 am, while he was exhausted over having recently pulling an all-nighter. I think it's my sheer luck that he's as nice as he is to put up with me like that. Still, I came bearing gifts (rare 1980 R.E.M. demos), so I'm sure that kept the anoyance at bay.

Well, here's to hoping this all goes well....

Thanks for the hospitality, Tim; I hope I can repay it.