OK, you know what? Enough of the angst. No, it's not like the old E2. But is your life the same as it was five, six years ago? Friends move away, people die, new people come in, folks change jobs. Life goes on. I mean, hell, it's been five years since wharfinger was on.

In the time I've been here, all the way back to January of 2001 when I was Alias Mother Jonez I've:

Life goes on. It always goes on, even without you. Even without E2. Is it different? Yeah. But so am I. So are you. Nostalgia is a killer. Believe me, I know.

For all the bullshit I've pulled, I still do like E2. I'm still writing, even if slowly and more cautiously. Part of that is age, and part of that is just life.

Like panamaus above says, E2 is people. I've met some amazing people; I even dated an amazing person, and I wish he could read this to know I don't hate him, and I hope he's happy. E2 is hard to define--we keep trying to. And we can't. And that's OK.

Jesus, don't cry
You can rely on me honey
You can combine anything you want
I'll be around
You were right about the stars
Each one is a setting sun