I was speaking about Ron the thirty-five-year-old who likes my radio show in the March 2, 2001 node. Well, so far he has given my a mix tape and flowers. Only the thing about the flowers are that he works for a florist and got them for free--they were unwanted, so he gave them to me. Mixed message? I'm not sure what this guy wants, to be honest. He's giving me things, but he hasn't asked me out on a date. He calls me quite a bit, but has made very little indication of what he's after--my friendship? a relationship? sex? I don't know. I wish he would tell me. Or make some sort of clear indication.

I don't know how much I would want a real relationship right now. The last real relationship I was in ended very badly, and I don't know if I feel up to it. (Plus, I've still got that damned crush on my acting professor. Ugh.)