This dream bothered me a lot.

I dremt last night that I was taking a trip with my friend Mike. I've known Mike since high school--nearly ten years--and we've always been good friends. When I was a junior in high school, I had a horrible crush on him, which I later told him, and was summarily rejected. But still we were friends, even played in a band together.

About a year ago, I took a trip over to England to visit him. He was getting his masters in literary theory at Sussex University, and he had invited me to come and stay for a week. So I did, and it didn't go very well, mainly my own bitchy fault. However, we still keep in touch, despite him being overseas. ("Divinity X" bless email.)

Now, I was recently dumped by my boyfriend, and found it rather surprising that my dreams either were nothing spectacular, or that I couldn't remember them. Until last night. As I said, I drempt that I was taking a road trip with my friend Mike. We stopped in a motel, and were casually messing around, when it suddenly turns sexual. Really sexual. As in he was reaching for a condom. Now, I've had erotic dreams before, so no big deal, right? However, the whole time up until he reaches for the condom, he keeps asking if there's room in the parking lot outside. Room for his car. He keeps asking that over and over. Finally, I get up and say "Yes--I'll even move your car for you if you'll just calm down." But when I turn around, he's dressed and doesn't want to do anything anymore.

And then my mother comes in and starts berating me for screwing up my chances to be with Mike. This has some basis in reality, as my mom is convinced that we'll get married someday. I have no interest in such a thing.

And that's just it. I haven't been interested in Mike in a long time. Why am I dreaming this now? What does it mean? Damn it.