I'm back, baby!

Yup. I'm back from the dead to terrorize ya.

But in all seriousness, I'm back from the beyond, and where I've been I don't know how to tell you--I've been in the darkness, but I've seen a great light. The light from a spotlight on a stage:

So Saturday I went to a concert. I haven't done that in a long time; I've been pretty much living in my parents' basement, like some it was a bombshelter for my life. So I went to a concert. I saw Paul Westerberg, ex-Replacements leader, who I've followed since I was 13 (which isn't all that long ago), but who I've never seen perform, and somehow thought I never would. But I found out that he was playing here in Philly, and so I got my ticket, met some of the nice folks from alt.music.replacements, and saw the show of my life. But that's not even the important part--not the brilliant songs, not the fact that I'm seeing this guy perform, no. What was the best part? I met him. Yes--I got to meet him. I was a bit of a star-struck ass, but he was cool about it. I blurt out "Oh my god, this is like meeting J. D. Salinger or King Arthur or something; I can't believe I just said that." Which started a little conversation we had about the book Salinger's daughter wrote.

But doing this, going to the concert and meeting an artist I've been more or less idolizing, has galvanized me to get off my ass and start working again--start creating like I used to, stop cutting myself off from the whole damn world.

"I know damn well I'm tired of all this cryin'
I'm on my feet as far as I can tell"--"Waiting For Somebody"

Damn it, maybe rocknroll doesn't save your soul, but it can sometimes save your life.