YAY! It's my 22nd birthday!

April 3, 1979, 4:12 am EDT, Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

April 2, 1979: Mama Jonez is watchin' Jesus of Nazareth, but I am stubborn--"It's too damn stuffy in here!" PUSH PUSH PUSH

"OK! I get it!" she says. Off to the hospital we go. Five hours and an epidural later, here be me, come to destroy the old order and ring in the new (unintentional messianic message?).

Same day as Marlon Brando.

I was a week late; my fetus heard about Three Mile Island and said, "What, are you kidding? I ain't bein' born!" But then I heard about the Easter Bunny and came running out. I'm very gullible.