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I'm .... Hell, I've never been good at writing openly about myself on these things. If you want to know about me, I recommend you try reading my LiveJournal.

I'm an anime fan, an AdultSwim freak, and have far too many random pieces of trivia floating around in my brain. I am an eternal student, always looking for something to learn from someone.

I am pedantic about my own posts, but I don't care if you have proper spelling and grammar in your own. I will not hop over to your node JUST to critique your posts, and I expect the same respect. I love getting comments, I do NOT love receiving educational material in said comments. :)

So, that was a bit more than I wanted to post about myself... Hopefully you get the idea. Here's the recap, in case you missed something.

I'm a bitch.
I know I'm a bitch.
I don't need you telling me I'm a bitch.
Act your age, whatever that may be.
If you need to correct me, that's fine. Just do it in a respectful manner.