Since I couldn't figure out how to delete an unpopular node I wrote so as to save the Gods the trouble of doing it themselves, I rewrote it the best I could about Doctor Who and figure it still deserves a -5 rep but at least I did my best. Ah, well. I only wish there was more support for defining just what locked in a vault somewhere or even just plain old locked in a vault as it seems like something worth defining IMHO -- any idiom does, since if English isn't your native language and it might be difficult to understand the connotation of what one says when they say locked in a vault somewhere, not literally, but figuratively. You know, like Fort Knox. Anyway, you can vote that one down all you like, it's going to node heaven anyway and I have no intention of seeing it return! Anyway, I hope edger is right and I can't take too much a hit from writing up a day log entry but since I have no points anyway, what the heck! The worst thing they can do now is ban me from Everything 2 forever and then I'll just reserve my definitions for some other medium. I ain't doin' this for the rep ya know! :) Illumination is all I seek to give.

BTW, thanks to evilrooster for the hint on forming paragraphs and other externs and congrats on week 37 of only a handful more before you enjoy parenthood! :)