Fondue's write-up, while substantially accurate, is highly emotive. Mgriffithsuk's WU, now deleted, was essentially an ad hominem attack on the privileged classes, begging the question 'Would it be OK if performed by the proletariat or plebians instead of the patricians?

Other frequent arguments against banning fox-hunting:

It's part of the Spirit of the Countryside. As no such thing exists, and in any case the extinction of a certain species of canid could hardly be said to be an enhancement of the countryside, this argument is vacuous.

Farmers are in favour of it, and it's 'their' countryside. Similarly irrelevant - cruelty is cruelty.

The majority of people support it. Not demonstrably true, and not remotely relevant. Morals are not dictated by democratic principles.

There are also some mistaken arguments and actions taken against fox-hunting. A pack of beagles, including at least one needing veterinary attention, were recently kidnapped from a hunt kennel. This helps no-one. The argument that hunting is an activity of the privileged classes carries no weight save that of social prejudice. And too strong a degree of anthropomorphic sympathy with the fox is misplaced.