Tothill Street, Westminster, London, runs due west from Broad Sanctuary, at the west end of Westminster Abbey, to join Broadway outside the headquarters of London Regional Transport at St James's Park station. The street is named for the Tothill Fields, an area close to the Abbey where medieval monarchs used to hold tournaments, close to the Palace of Westminster. We recall that legend has it King Arthur drew the sword from the stone in Westminster Abbey churchyard while attending a tournament with Sir Ector and Sir Kay.

'Tothill' derives from the Saxon 'tote hill', meaning a watch tower or look-out point. This structure, situated in the marshes that were to become Westminster, must have stood close to the present site of Westminster Abbey - but not too close, as it is known to have been standing in the 12th century. In the 1820s, it was still possible to go hunting and fishing in the area, which did not become built up until later in the 19th Century.