This morning, I washed my hair, and then came up to London to use a decent Internet connection. I found that the EasyEverything net cafe had installed webcams, so when I make the appropriate level, I'll now have a means of putting my mugshot on my homenode. I'll go shopping in Westminster a bit later, and might eat at Mr Au, which is not so very far from here. I also bought the new Private Eye, which is going on about Lord Archer and his unusual sexual tastes.

Update: EasyEverything at Charing Cross crashed, depriving me of the webcam usage I had paid for. I went to the Tottenham Court Road branch to continue my usage, and they wouldn't let me have the rate I'd been paying at Charing Cross - their rate here is some 1/3 as good. Moreover, everyone I'd been IRCing with had logged off by the time I got back, and I'm using a keyboard made sticky by coffee. Life sucks.

Further update: I pressed the cursor keys, and cold coffee welled up out of the keyboard. At that point, I decided I wasn't getting a good deal. I'm now on a fresh machine, and I've emailed EasyEverything's staff with a letter of complaint. I'll keep E2 posted with the progress of this complaint - it might be interesting.