I haven't daylogged in a long time. When I do, I tend to write (what other people find to be) dull, factually-based accounts of what I spent the day doing. Today is different, for no specific reason. It's tired and I'm late, and I'm cataloguing my thoughts.

I will never be one of Everything's Best Users. I will certainly not be one of Everything's Nicest, or Most Popular Users, because I'm not that sort of person. I write short nodes, mostly non-copyight material I thought we 'needed'. Back when I didn't believe that writeup does not mean reply, I wrote a lot of longer, original write-ups, explaining my views and ideas on things. The bar has been raised, and that kind of writing doesn't cut it any more. I feel like a wimp, because I can't work up the physical and mental energy to write nodes that I feel should go 'over the bar'. I didn't do the E2 user survey, even though I felt strongly about some of its themes. I'm a lazy user, in short. And I'm still just as opinionated, just as full of unformed ideas, just as unoriginal and jusr as likely to get out of bed on the wrong side and be an arrogant git, as I ever was.

But I like it here. I like the noders. Most of you are better people than I will ever be, and I like you.

I've recently recovered from a mild depression. I'd hoped that this would lead to more inspired noding, but so far I remain as slack and lifeless as before. My good intentions go to waste. And every now and then I piss someone off. Sorry.

I am, in some respects, an example of where you could get to before they raised the bar. For reference, the honour roll system, of which I highly approve, will make no difference to my level. Let the race be to the swift.