Attitude espoused by fundamentalist atheists. I have nothing against atheists. But a certain subset of them choose to use the Bible as a tool to try and 'disprove' Christianity. Disproving the Bible is simple. It's an informative book about the history of humanity's understanding of religion, and contains a wide range of folktales and the like. But you cannot disprove the existence of God, just as you cannot prove it, and you cannot disprove the moral system of Christianity. You can disapprove of it, but this does nothing. A typical argument from the above opinion runs as follows:

'In the Bible is says that no-one has seen God, and that Moses saw God. This is a contradiction, therefore God does not exist, and your religion is a form of devil-worship that I must drive from the earth.'

(Exaggerated, I know, but I heard an argument just like this from a vociferous Pagan once.)

See Skeptic's Annotated Bible, God can do what he wants.