During my e2 hiatus I...

  • Taught myself even more European history than I already had done.
  • Grumbled about e2's absence, and whined about various things that had been bugging me about the site. Well, some of them still bug me, but I'd like to apologise for being a whiny git, and thank the powers that be for their hard work.
  • Allowed life to get to me, as I do periodically. I also apologise to anyone I treatly badly as a result.
  • Had a successful appraisal meeting, and thus seem to be doing OK at work.
  • Made extensive use of other sites, such as Amazon UK and Community2. E2 is a community, but it's not the whole world.
  • Attended a decidedly split LBM nodermeet. We'll get it right next time.
  • Began taking steps toward applying for an MA degree in history.
  • And I missed you all, especially the ones I was too stupid to contact by other means, or whose addresses I'd lost (apologies again), but also the rest of you, whom I still see here as often as anywhere.

Now all I need to do is get around to finishing some writeups.