Christ, from the Greek Christos, is a title, used principally in Christianity, and equivalent to the Hebrew word Messiah, meaning the Anointed One. It is rendered directly into Latin as Christus, and this form has influenced the form the title takes in languages such as Swedish ('Kristus').

Christians apply the title to their founder, the rabbi Jesus of Nazareth, who is seen as embodying the Son, the second person of the Trinity. Most denominations regard the Christ as an integral aspect of God, whose incarnation is a form of avatara (although that's not a word usually used in this connection). The title 'Christ' was not generally applied to Jesus within his earthly lifetime, although various people claimed he was the Messiah. It was through contact with Hellenic Jews that Jesus' followers adopted the word, and thus came to be called Christians - 'followers of the Anointed One'