sigh, another day at work. It was only the second day, and it pretty much gave me a new perspective on what i will be doing for the rest of the summer. Instead of boxing things ALL day, i made some deliveries to different schools around the county. Not that bad, much less harsh on the knees.

Some one actually reads these things! I had a few misspellings in my last daylog and i got a message telling me so. That is what i get for noding at bumfuck o'clock. So i have devised a new game. The first person to msg me my secret word of the day will be vote dumped on, in the UP way. the word of the day is bumfuck. If you node it, ill cool it too! Yes, i will increase your merit and devotion and other crap like that. For some of you, my 45 votes a day means very little. But for people with 50 or less, thats a total merit booster. Alas, trolls will also be eligible for this. Oh, and the second person to tell me my magic word will get the remaining votes. If the first person is a lvl one noder or something, the 2nd place person could still get a decent buzz of XP. Okee, well, have fun!