I dont write daylogs as a rule. But since i decided to nuke a few of the day logs i never should have written, i think i shall fill te gap with MORE day logs, because its the very wrong thing to do.

Well, i start working for Prince Georges County Public Schools tomarrow. Dont know exactly what i am going to be doing, but i will be getting paid. 7:30 to 4:30. Long day, and i think its all labor intensive.

I plan to write a "concert series" node about the concerts i have attende/ will attend this yea. Mabey some of last year to. My starting concert will be the HFStival which was okee by concert standards, but crappy compared to festivals past.

Free Cake concert this friday in DC which i plan to attend. If any Md, DC, or Va noders wanna go, drop me a line, we will meet and get our cake on.

Old school. word.

Weeelllll, thats about it for today. See you crazy monkeys later.