I usually dont write daylogs, because of the fact that they are usually very very bad. This one is no different, because it is a RANT!
You have been warned.

Ok, today if friday, thats a great thing, dont you think so, yes, yes you do. and I agree. But it seems that someone painted a sign on my forehead that states "TREAT ME AS BAD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!"
I dont know what it is. THe day started out great, woke up early, took my shower, ate breakfast, and didnt even forget to bring my luch to school with me. But as soon as I left the house, my day went straight to hell. My bus driver is a Banshee. Shes never on time, shes very early or very late, if she even decides to come at all. And its not like shes not important. On any given day, if I miss the bus, there is no way for me to get to school, which means that my grades go ker-plop. And she has been known to do that. But thats not what happened today. Like I said, it was raining, and once i got t omy bus stop, it seemed to rain bigger, not harder, just bigger, as if the water was wetter and the cold was colder. So i stood there in the rain, cursing the world. And i waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.I was completly soaked by the time that the bus actually showed up. But thats where it gets worse. On a "normal" day, the bus drives past my stop down the road, out of site, turns around, and comes back to pick me up. This usually takes about 15 seconds, 30 at the most. Today, for some god forsaken reason, it took 15 minets. 15!, not 1, not 5, 15! I was very very pissed, as was my brother who was there with me the whole time. As i get on the bus i begin to express my anger in a vocal fashion, but cursing at the bus driver and saying how incompetent she is and how i think that she, her mother, and (god forbid she actually has one), her daughter are all the whores of Gamorrah. She, in retalation, calls me a nerd, A NERD! Is this suppose to offend me? I mean COME ON!, shes a bus driver, whats worse than that. And so i said so, that yes, i AM a nerd, and when i grow up will have a better job and make more much more money that she ever will. She told me to get a job, i said i have one and get paid $$$, which made her stutter and almost crash.

Now dont think im an evil person for cursing at my busdriver. This woman is evil. She could curse a blue streak up the popes white robe. And to KIDS! how low can you get. So as i get off the bus at school, soaking wet still, she says "come to the office, im writing you up", to which I retorted, "blow me", which was in no ways an invatation. THats the last i saw of that fat and ugly whore for today, thank Jebus.

Now thats enough to piss me off a little, but not completly. For that, i will have to up date later, because i need to go to my next class. Ill finish this later, 2:44 PM EST /rant