Ello people, just got in to Belmont, Ma. I live in Gaithersburg MD for those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you since i just moved there. We rented a windstar for the trip. Its pretty sweet, but i wouldn't drive it everyday. I'm not a mini van type of person. The tire pressure sensor was pretty cool, along with the adjustable pedals. I hadn't used either before, so that was cool.

I'm in town till monday morning for a funeral. My great uncle Johnny, on my dads side just died. Heart disease. The funeral is set for Friday, but I'm not sure of the time nor place. Its not going to be to bad of an occasion, we all new it was coming, so did he, so its not like its a suprise. He spent a lot of time in the Bahamas during the winter, so it wasn't like he was cooped up or anything. It will also be good to see all of the Marcell family. Talk about your strange family, we NEVER see each other. Although, i guess thats not so strange.

But anyway. Saturday is dihydrogen monoxides Birth day, so you should say happy happy day to her. I plan on getting her a gift, which i will reveal after i give it to her.

My not so random noder of the day is Lucy-S.
She has a picture of a very pretty cat in her homenode, although i can't be quoted on that, its just the consensus at the moment. I wont nodevertise anything for her, that is not why i am writing this, i just have enjoyed the nodes of hers that i have read. Check her out! It will do you good.