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mission drive within everything
The relentless search for knowledge
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You can control your instincts but you cannot escape your nature.
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Name: R. Marcus Yamashita. The "R." Stands for Robert. I have an older cousin named Robert, so I go by Marcus or Marc.
Nicknames: Cuddlius Maximus, Art Fag.
Birthdate: 10.15.76, perfectly balanced Libra
Education: Bachelor's in Philosophy from Pomona College
Job: ING
Current Rig: PIV 2.5GhZ, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9700, WinXP
Current Game Roster: Dawn of War, Rome: Total War
Future Game Roster: World of Warcraft
Current Projects: Wildheart Graphic novel, Ork army.
Future Projects: Chaos Army.
Current Interests: Kilo Reilly
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite TV Show: The Shield
Favorite Movie: L.A. Confidential
Favorite Recording Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Favorite Graphic Artist: Alphonse Mucca