IQ is not related to race. It is related to social level.

This confusion is nothing new. European aristocracy is the best example of a social class who thought their culture and their intellectual advance were an absolute proof of their genetic superiority. The rise of the bourgeoisie, and the Revolutions which followed (most notably in America and France) proved them wrong.

There are (at least) 2 very simple (and purely technical) ways to prove that IQ is more correlated to "well-offness" than to DNA or race :
  1. Studying the average IQ of Black children adopted by White people, or more generally of children from poor families adopted by wealthy families. It will almost certainly be higher (on average) than the IQ of their biological relatives.

  2. The Ainu people live in Japan, on the Hokkaido island. They have two distinctive characteristics :

This book is scientifically rubbish. As Mr Gould put it, "(it) is simply a more polite way to call the Blacks dirty niggers". It is difficult to understand how such a blatantly flawed reasoning generated so much debate.