Besides being an absolute productivity killer (in the lineage of Tetris, Mah-Jongg, and others), Everything is also a nifty tool for an ethnological study of the American society - or at least, a significant part of it. Through general nodes such as (e.g.) Gun Control, War on Drugs, Government, Religion and (surprise, surprise) United States, as well as through event-related nodes (Million Mom March), you can get a good picture of what being American actually means.

To be frank, the result is a little bit frightening. By European standards, many E2 users would be labelled far right. Sophism is the dominant reasoning mechanism (especially for issues related to freedom, which seems to be to Americans what Islam is to the Taliban). Creeping anti-parliamentarism and general defiance towards government are alarming. In such a context, an economic collapse might lead to a very dangerous situation (think of early-30's Germany).

(See also Us-centricity on Everything - a remarkable pleonasm given the origin, the medium and the language of the system)