The sky is as bored as I am. Its gray and drippy - not rain, just this sort of ceaseless, damp, fog-drizzle through dead, 75-degree weather. It's not even warm enough to go swimming since the apartment complex pool is unheated. So I sit in the midst of piles of textbooks, sketch pads, and clothes and node for the first time in months. It's not like I have much else better to do.

I'm supposed to be excited right now, I'm supposed to be thrilled. Not only am I a teenager on spring break, my best friend (who I have seen once since I moved to this hellhole 3 years ago) is coming down for 5 whole days in a little under a week. And I just found out today. And yet, the jumping-up-and-down and shrieking-high-pitched-ly-with-delight wore off hours ago. To be steadily replaced by boredom. So now the sky is picking up on it.

The cloud cover has made up its mind to thin out. Its so bright it hurts my eyes. The wind is picking up, probably blew in off Galveston. It didn't bring any fun with it. Just blinding whiteness thats taking over my room. White with no change, light grey with no change. Colorless. And the sky is just showing the monotony.

Someone out there is looking up at the sky and seeing the promise of rain. And someone imaginative who likes clouds is seeing shapes of shadow and mist in the sky. The little boy at the end of the block is probably seeing a sky crying from a cancelled Little League Baseball game. Looking out the window, I can see that the cloud cover's blown over.