I just read something here that really stopped me.

So many people here on E2 complain about prose, saying that this is a factual archive and creative expression has little or nothing to do with it. And yet, I have always found that the pieces here that have really made me stop, think, laugh or cry are certainly not factual nodes, carefully researched and lovingly pipelinked, but rather those very prose pieces. As useful as the information is, it's hard to be moved by a concise description of a cheese cutter. Please don't get me wrong - I love reading the more factual side of E2 and find it an invaluable research tool for everything from university assignments to idle curiosity. But I also love the prose to be found here as well. Some of the most beautiful writing I've ever seen (certainly on the internet) is to be found within these unassuming walls.

And so I at least feel that those that complain about prose should give this material a second glance or three. The piece referenced at the top (An ease of form by winton) is one of those that I feel earns prose a place here.