The US-release name of the popular early-90's computer game "Another World" created by Delphine Software Cinematique and distributed by Interplay.

Features listed on the box:
  • Cinematically styled, rotoscoped animation
  • State of the art, real-time, polygonal graphics
  • A continual audio mix of digitized sound effects and musical score
  • VGA graphics
  • Supports most major sound boards
  • Keyboard/joystick controlled
  • An action/adventure that actually tells a story
From OOTW's jaw-dropping intro to its inspired alien vistas, there is much to appreciate about this title. The game really draws players in by projecting a sense of isolation from the real world and rewarding them with an intriguing, if not totally original, story. OOTW is rather too short, however. For those who continued to crave this style of entertainment, Flashback was a godsend. Although it is also developed by Delphine Software, it is not the sequel to OOTW.

The package I own features a very skimpy 4-page manual and a code wheel as its form of copy protection.