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"No matter what, the Japs will always be cooler than us. No matter what, the Japs will always find a way to improve on our technology. No matter what, we'll always want to be Japs, somewhere in our hearts."
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Once upon a time, sometime late in 1983, or perhaps it might have been sooner along the Mobius Continuum, at any rate, sometime within the early 80s, I came to Earth. While separated from my home world by an infinite stretch of space-time (due to a scalar transform of the universe), I was able to travel here borne on the back of a flying Ritz(r) cracker. For those of you not familiar with the magical properties of said crackers, you should read up on the history of Jarlsberg cheese (an interesting story, to say the least).

And so, I now exist, whittling my time away waiting for the real world to start.