Sherlock Holmes was born in 1854 possibly in Ireland or Sussex. He very likely attended either Oxford University or Cambridge University and came down without taking a degree after two years. Afterwards he studied at St Bart's hospital in London where he first met Dr. Watson in 1881. St Bart's has a commemorative plaque referring to this historic meeting. Holmes and Watson lived together in Baker Street for several years until Watson met and married Mary Morstan and returned to civil practice in 1889. In 1891 Holmes disappeared for three years, and was presumed dead. However he returned from this Hiatus in 1894. During this period Watson's wife Mary died, probably of consumption. Watson moved back into Baker Street with Holmes but later remarried. In 1903 Holmes retired from detective work and went to live in Sussex on the South Downs where he kept bees. His last service to his country was in 1913-14 when he outwitted the German secret agent von Bork. Holmes probably died around the early 1930s, Watson in 1927.